FREE LOCAL DELIVERY OVER £40 throughout the NE

Delivery options

Where ever possible we offer next day delivery or a day that you request.We will do our utmost to deliver the goods on the day that you ask for, this can be anytime from 7.30am to 5.30pm if we have a problem we will advise you. Our £40 minimum charge is to help keep our rates low and not to charge for delivery on all orders.

Delivery is made to the nearest hard point, most deliveries are on Crane Off load vehicles, though we have the option to send some material by flat vehicle for hand offload. You must have someone on site to receive the goods. If you are not there and the goods have been paid for they will be left at the address.
Please don't ask our driver to carry materials around the back or up into flats etc, we don't offer this service, to do this would leave us no option to start charging for delivery as waiting time costs money (we won't be able do as many deliveries in a day), the majority of our customers are happy with nearest point to the wagon and they don't want to pay delivery costs. Please have someone able bodied to move your goods to where you want them after delivery.

out the area deliverys

Some customers can have goods delivered to any part of the country, obviously by the nature of the material that we sell some items are bulky and heavy so transport costs could end up being more than the goods themselves making it not a practical option, (please note we cannot do cash on delivery for out of area orders). We have shipped many items to all parts of the country send us an email with your requirements and we will cost it up and let you know the haulage charges and if the products are viable to deliver. PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR GOODS ONLINE WITHOUT CHECKING IF WE CAN DO IT FIRST - REFUNDS CAN TAKE UP TO 10 WORKING DAYS