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Decking - boards, Joists, Spindles, Newel Posts, Handrail, Baserail.

Decking Handrail / Baserail
Decking Handrail / Baserail 

Tanalised Decking handrail and base rail dual purpose.

This decking is actually used for both handrail & baserail and no longer needs spindle fillet. When calculating your requirements, you need one piece as a base rail and TWO pieces for the top rail. 

Easily Install your Decking with our Decking Handrail

You screw through the bottom rail up into the spindle, then place a section on top and screw down into the spindle and then place another piece on top of the first piece and screw from the underneath into the top section. This hides all the screw heads, eliminates the use of fillet (that moisture can get into) and prevents the spindles from splitting if screwing through the side into the decking handrail at an angle.

TIP - sometimes deck boards turned upside down is used as a handrail ( easier to sit on and also fits a beer glass nicely).

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£ 10.32
Decking Joists
Decking Joists
Green Pressure Treated Decking Joists range of sections for all needs
£ 12.10
Decking Newel Post 82 x 82mm x 1250mm
Decking Newel Post 82 x 82mm x 1250mm
Treated Turned or Square Newel Post c/w Ball 1250mm 82 x 82mm - Image shows Square
£ 12.84
Decking Screws 60mm
Decking Screws
Decking Screws Box of 200nr
£ 11.94
Decking Spindle - Square
Decking Spindle - Square
Tanalised Decking spindles 900mm 32 x 32mm Square
£ 1.50
Decking Spindle - Turned
Decking Spindle - Turned
Tanalised Decking spindles 900mm 32 x 32mm turned
£ 1.56
Decking Sunset Panel
Decking Sunset Panel
Decking Sunset Panel 32mm x 760mm x 1130mm
£ 32.09
Decking Support Post 82 x 82mm 2.40 mtr
Decking Support Post 82 x 82mm 2.40 mtr
Decking Support Post 82 x 82mm 2.40 mtr Treated
£ 21.58
Jouplast Decking Pedestal

The decking riser pedestals allow you to adjust the desired height from 10mm to 460mm ! 

The pedestals are placed under the beam and are adjustable in height to reach the desired height depending on the project configuration.

Once the beam is on the top of the riser pedestal, screw through into the beam. No need for adjusting the beam's position. 

£ 3.59
Jouplast Decking Pedestal Extension

The Jouplast extensions are used to increase and adjust the height of your installation. They can be stacked one another and reach 500mm high.


For low adjustments, you can use the 10mm pedestals that can also be used as extension.

£ 1.92
Timber Decking ex 32 x 125mm
Timber Decking EX 32 x 125 (28 x 118mm Actual Size) . All our decking is machined from top quality Scandinavian joinery grade timber, ensuring it will last longer and provide an extremely high quality finish. You know from the start that it is the best and is safe underfoot for all your family and friends to enjoy.It's not just about the deck either. There is a whole range of accessories to choose from, each designed to let you stamp your individuality on your deck. Precision finish' 15 year guarantee, preservative treated, matching accessories, kiln dried.
£ 7.13