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Faithfull Trowels, Hawks & Floats

Faithfull Brick Trowel 11"
Faithfull Brick Trowel 11"
11 Inch Steel Brick Trowel With Soft Grip Rubber Handle.
£ 23.74
Faithfull Bucket Trowel
Faithfull Bucket Trowel
This soft grip trowel has a tapered blade that has been cut square and is designed for removing mortar from the sides and and bottom of buckets.
£ 9.48
Faithfull Flooring Trowel
Faithfull Flooring Trowel
Designed for laying flooring this trowel has a long pointed blade for use on large surface areas, the pointed shape allows access to corners when final finishing a flat surface. High quality stainless steel blade for durability and a long working life. Fitted with a full sized soft -grip handle for user comfort. Blade size 16in x 4in.
£ 19.46
Faithfull Notched Trowel
Faithfull Notched Trowel
Specifically designed for the application of adhesive prior to the setting of wall or floor tiles, high quality stainless steel blade for durability and a long working life. Fitted with a full size soft-grip handle for user comfort. 11 x 4 1/2in.
£ 11.99
Faithfull Philadelphia Pointing Trowel 6"
Faithfull Philadelphia Pointing Trowel 6"
The Faithfull Pointing Trowel is a small bladed trowel designed for use in forming brick joints and repairing or replacing weathered joints. These trowels are also a popular choice for shaping and retouching damaged mortar in many situations.
£ 5.88
Faithfull Plasterers Trowel 11" x 4.3/4"
Faithfull Plasterers Trowel 11" x 4.3/4"
A high quality plasterers finishing trowel. The blade is manufactured from stainless steel and is suitable for use with all types of plaster. Fitted with a comfortable soft grip handle to help reduce fatigue and offer excellent durability.
Blade size 280 x 120mm (11 x 4 3/4 in)
£ 15.54
Faithfull Plasterers Trowel 13" x 5"
Faithfull Plasterers Trowel 13" x 5"
Large plasterers finishing trowel with stainless steel blade. Soft grip handle for comfort.
Size 330 x 125mm (13 x 5 in)
£ 18.82
Faithfull Plastic Hawk
Faithfull Plastic Hawk
Extremely lightweight hawk in moulded polyurethane with a smooth surface finish.
A useful tray from which to apply plaster or cement quickly to a wall by using a trowel.
Size: 330 x 330mm (13 x 13in).
£ 15.55
Faithfull Sponge Float

Polyurethane backed sponge float for finishing grainy surfaces such as sand and cement mix, or for applying certain plaster finishes.

£ 15.48