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Hessian & Sheet Covering

Curing Hessian 54"
Curing Hessian 54"
Curing Hessian 54" x 46m
Hessian roll is used to cover concrete from frost and can also be used to cover bricks. Our biodegradable hessian roll is available in 46m. Concrete and new brickwork are covered by hessian rolls.
£ 39.54
Hessian Sandbags
These bags hold 25kg of wet sand. For uses such as stabilising temporary road signs, weighting down agricultural netting, flood prevention, defensive walls. Hessian sandbags are the commonest type of sandbags, used for their biodegradable nature. Use our polypropylene sandbags for continual flood defense, around water or a river bank.
£ 0.66
Tarpaulin 5.4 x 3.6m

Harris Victory Waterproof Tarpaulin

12′ x 18′ Approx

£ 15.00
TPS Polythene Sheet
TPS Polythene Sheet
4 x 25mtr rolls TPS (Temporary Protection Sheet) Clear
£ 13.02