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Paint Brushes, Rollers, Roller Sleeves, Stripping Knives

Harris Foam Sponge
Multi purpose decorators sponge.
£ 1.20
Harris No Loss 5 Piece Brush Set
No-Loss is a unique paint brush from Harris which is fully guaranteed against bristle loss for life from the very first use.

Set includes:

    1 - 1/2 / 12mm
    1 - 1 / 25mm
    1 - 1 1/2 / 37mm
    1 - 2 / 50mm
    1 - 2 1/2 / 62mm

£ 11.88
Harris Radiator Roller with Sleeves

The perfect solution for difficult painting, this long reach roller provides access to hard to reach places such as behind radiators with ease.

Premium quality for extra strength & longer length 530mm/21" Roller, 4" 100mm width.

Complete with two mini rollers for emulsion paint.

£ 5.70
Harris Taskmaster 3" Stripping Knife
Perfect for stripping wallpaper easily.
£ 4.92
Harris Taskmaster 4" Masonry Brush
This Masonry Brush is for the application of masonry paints on all exterior surfaces.

  • Hardwaring
  • Blend Of Pure And Synthetic Brisles
  • Easy to Maintain
  • 100mm Width
£ 4.79
Harris Taskmaster 9" Roller Kit
Lightweight & sturdy roller, ideal for painting walls & ceilings. Easy to clean paint tray with simple change microfibre sleeves including medium pile for emulsion for smooth or uneven surfaces.
£ 4.79
Harris Taskmaster Emulsion Brush
Harris Taskmaster Emulsion Brushes are good for use with emulsion and on masonry applications and come in sizes 4" (100mm) and 5" (125mm)
£ 6.98
Harris Taskmaster Mini Roller Set

Harris Taskmaster Complete Mini Roller Set, great for painting doors, Perfect for smaller areas of painting.

£ 4.13
Harris Taskmaster Mini Roller Sleeves
Harris Emulsion Mini Roller Sleeve are perfect for painting large areas with emulsion. The medium pile roller can be used on smooth or uneven surfaces and the Mini Gloss Roller Sleeves are great for painting door trim and other difficult areas. 
£ 4.79
Harris Taskmaster Paint Brushes
Taskmaster brushes provide both quality and value.
£ 2.52
Harris Taskmaster Shed & Fence Brush
  • Very durable filaments to get in all areas
  • Perfect for fences and sheds
  • Can hook for no mess resting
  • Natural bristle for high absorbency to get the job done quicker
  • Suitable for all wood treatments and preservatives
£ 4.93
Harris T-Class Contractor Painters Dozen Brush Set
12-piece contractor's grade paint brush set, with natural and synthetic bristles, stainless steel ferrules and comfortable wooden handles.
For use with most paint and varnish

2x 1" (25mm), 5x 1½" (38mm), 4x 2" (50mm) & 1x 3" (75mm) brushes.
£ 11.99
Ronseal Fencelife Brush
4" brush ideal for doing the fence.
£ 4.79